Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers Download

Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers Download

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Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers Download

Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers Download
HP 15-g032cy Notebook


Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers Download – HP includes a brand-new version to its low-budget laptop computer variety referred to as HP 15-g005ng. The product line has not been given its very own name like Compaq or Pavilion – with exception of the number 15. An AMD Beema APU clocks inside the laptop. Review in our record whether HP offers a good laptop computer for an affordable price.

HP’s 15 is readily available for below 400 Euros (~ 516), and also subsequently all laptops from this price range are contenders for HP’s laptop computer. There are a lot of them, such as the Acer Extensa 2510-34Z4 (Core i3-4030U, HD Graphics 4400) and Lenovo IdeaPad G50-45 (AMD A6-6310, Radeon R4 (Beema)). We merely lately checked both laptop computers.

Situation & Connection

The casing of HP’s 15 is totally constructed from black plastic. The base unit’s upper side includes a shiny surface area; the other housing’s components are consisted of matte, roughed up plastic. There is no upkeep cover, and the battery can be removed. The base device typically makes a good perception considering its price level. It does not show any unique weak points in develop or security. The base system can be distorted a bit too much for our taste. The lid does not make quite as excellent of an impression. It can be distorted to a much stronger extent, which results in picture distortions. These are also seen when stress is put on the cover’s back.

The customer is not ruined with a generous supply of user interfaces. The most necessary ports are set up, yet there is no VGA-out. Furthermore, HP only deals with proprietors of this laptop to a Fast Ethernet port. Gigabit Ethernet should be conventional nowadays.

HP’s 15 is shipped with Windows 8.1 (64-bit) preloaded. A Windows DVD is not included. HP likewise supplies vehicle drivers for Windows 7 on its internet site. However, not all required vehicle drivers are offered. As an example, the APU driver as well as USB 3.0 motorist are not listed, and they would have to be downloaded and install individually from AMD’s site. You will regret it if you have never tried to download and install Drivers Notebook Hp 15-G032Cy.

An unlit chiclet key-board is mounted in HP’s laptop. The level, gently roughened secrets have a short decrease. Although the stress factor is palpable, maybe a little bit crisper. The keyboard only generates a little in the number pad’s location when keying on it. It will not satisfy respected writers. However it will be enough for home use. HP makes use of a multi-touchpad as a computer mouse replacement. It has an area of around 11 x 5.4 centimeters, as well as hence has enough space for using motions. The pad has a roughened surface area that does not avoid fingers from sliding. The sleek computer mouse tricks showcase a plainly audible and also palpable stress point alongside a short decline.


HP’s 15 sporting activities a glare-type, 15.6-inch display with an indigenous resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The display’s brightness of 200.8 cd/m ² is not actually impressive. Nonetheless, this rate corresponds to the laptop computer’s price level. Both the comparison of 618:1 and also black level of 0.33 cd/m ² are really pleasing, in return.


HP’s 15-g005ng is a fundamental office laptop computer that is configured with AMD’s new Beema APU. The APU supplies ample performance for usual applications from the workplace and Internet fields. Rendering video clips is no concern either. Hewlett Packard supplies many other models within its HP 15 line – with both Intel and AMD innards.

An A8-6410 APU (Beema) from AMD clocks inside HP’s laptop computer. The APU showcases a quad-core cpu that operates with a base rate of 2 GHz. Its speed can be boosted up to 2.4 GHz by means of Turbo. The APU’s TDP of 15 watts is on the same level with Intel’s Haswell ULV cpus.

Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers Download Free

Notebook HP 15-g032cy is an inexpensive, useful laptop; you should use it for light duty. Notebook HP 15-g032cy is an HP Notebook products most widely traded out there, because it is effortless to get, simple to use and the majority of folks like to make use of this notebook, You can get Free Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers Download.

Source: HP Support
Download  Notebook HP 15-g032cy Windows 7 64bit Drivers, Utilities, and Update 

Driver – Audio (_1)

Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver
2014-11-21 , Version 1.20 A, 225.47M

Driver – Graphics (_1)

AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver
2014-08-08 , Version 13.351.1105.1005, 357.99M

Driver – Graphics – AMD (_1)

AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver
2014-11-21 , Version 1.20 A, 358.21M

Driver – Network (2)

Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver
2014-11-21, Version 1.20 A, 18.19M
Qualcomm Atheros QCA9000 Series Wireless LAN Driver
2014-06-13 , Version, 74.03M

Driver – Storage (2)

Realtek Card Reader Driver
2014-11-21, Version 1.20 A, 8.86M
Realtek Card Reader Driver
2014-05-12 , Version 1.00, 10.69M

BIOS (_2)

HP Notebook System BIOS Update (AMD Processors)
2014-11-21 , Version F.32 A, 10.0M
HP Notebook System BIOS Update (AMD Processors)
2014-06-02 , Version F.16, 10.05M

Diagnostic (_3)

HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI
2014-09-30 , Version A, 15.46M
HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI
2014-05-01 , Version, 13.53M
HP UEFI Support Environment
2014-03-14 , Version A, 13.9M

Software – Multimedia (_6)

Cyberlink YouCam Software
2014-11-17 , Version E, 145.84M
Cyberlink Power2Go Software
2014-11-07 , Version H, 106.7M
Cyberlink PowerDVD and Power Media Player Software
2014-11-07 , Version B, 128.76M
Cyberlink Power2Go Software
2014-07-30 , Version, 106.77M
CyberLink LabelPrint Software
2014-04-13 , Version, 108.11M
Cyberlink YouCam Software
2014-04-13 , Version, 145.8M

Software – Security (_3)

HP SimplePass Identity Protection Software
2014-08-29 , Version 8.01.11 A, 88.33M
HP SimplePass Identity Protection Software
2014-05-04 , Version 8.01.11, 88.33M
HP SimplePass Identity Protection Software
2013-11-13 , Version 8.00.57, 90.65M

Software – Solutions (_2)

HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Port Replicator Driver
2014-09-19 , Version 7.6.56275.0 A, 50.64M
HP 3005pr USB 3.0 Port Replicator Driver
2014-06-19 , Version 7.6.55763.0 A, 50.61M

Utility – Tools (_2)

HP Support Assistant Software
2014-09-22, Version A, 35.86M
ENERGY STAR Qualified Power Plan
2014-04-16 , Version 1.0.9 B, 4.03M

How To Install Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers

– Please Download the driver coming from the links below based on your operating system,
– Ensure the printer’s USB cable is plugged into your computer or laptop,
– Open the downloaded file by double-clicking upon the file,
– Follow the instructions that show up during installation,
– Once the installation is finished, restart your computer,
– The Printer is ready to make use of

Thanks for Download Notebook HP 15-g032cy Drivers as free and easy.  You may want to read another article about ASUS VM490LN Mac OS X Drivers Download or ASUS W409LD Mac OS X Drivers Download.

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